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Retail Showroom

  • Boat Retailer using Sparta-Stain Flooring - Professional installation available from Creative Concrete Coatings of CT

About Project

CLIENT:  Retail Marina
PRODUCTS: Sparta-Flex™ and Aplen-Glow™ Metallic


This marina was in need of a new flooring system that would be unique and functional as a heavy-traffic retail flooring application. Working with the design and installation team, the owners selected HP Spartacote’s Aplen-Glow™ metallic coating system.


Following the surface preparation of the 5,000 sq. foot floor, the installation team applied a coat of black Sparta-Flex™ polyaspartic. The black coat, used as the prime coat under metallic pigmented coating, provides for the greatest color range and depth in the final finish. The prime coat was followed by two coats of Sparta-Flex Clear combined with HP Spartacote’s Cobalt Blue Alpen-Glow™ metallic coating. A single top coat of Sparta-Flex™ clear was added for enhanced durability. The installation team applied the Alpen-Glow™ metallic in a method that resulted in a wavy, almost obscure effect. This resulted in a spectacular finish that resembles the ocean.

When you’re ready to go from dreaming about your custom floor to installing it, Contact the team at Creative Concrete Coatings of CT. We provide professional installation services throughout New England and the Tri-State area, including CT, NY, NJ, RI, MA, NH, VT, PA